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Client Testimonials

Our customers speak.....

Ghazalah Profile MMS.jpg

I am very happy with Zoho - we love the app and we're using it across the board, at all our international offices. Criterion team is outstanding and the service that they have provided me time and time again has been excellent. 

- Ghazalah Moloobhoy, AS Moloobhoy Marine Services


"BUSY Software is easy to use and meets my company's accounting and bookkeeping needs.  We are happy with the software and the prompt and efficient service provided by Criterion Technology"

- Suneet Bajaj, Prime Bell Trading


We received exceptional training for BUSY Software from Criterion Technology.   We would recommend the product and services to anyone looking for an accounting system.  Busy Software is very user friendly and this helps us be successful. 

- Anil Kumar, Vertical Trading


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