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Business Process Analysis is a key component to all our successful projects and implementations.   

Before solving a problem, we look to holistically understand how your business runs.  At Criterion Technology, we specialize in understanding how your business is currently performing and what you want to achieve.  Analyzing expectation and performance gaps in your business process takes an even broader look at your business, from the perspective of the world at large.

Through Business Process Analysis, we define those touch points in your business that are key to making your processes run faster, more efficiently and accurately. 

With Business Process Analysis from Criterion, we thoroughly review your accounting, business, sales, marketing, operations and other processes to understand requirements and current systems. We aim to centralize your business operations into a unified platform with Zoho as the Hub.

Based on this review, we can make expert recommendations on what can be changed, improvised or implemented to meet your goals. We will determine goals, outline targets and give you a strategy that can be executed with precision to create a successful business plan for the upcoming quarters and beyond.


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